Get Rollin’ world tour 2024
Nickelback showed no signs of slowing down. Their performance was energetic and filled with the raw power that has defined their music over the decades. From anthems like "Rockstar" sang with the audeince to "How You Remind Me" to conclude the show.
The energy in the arena was electric from the start. Rockstars were everywhere, from the band members themselves to the passionate fans who sang along to every song. Nickelback wasted no time in delivering hit after hit, each song resonating with the audience  and  bringing us back to the past.​​​​​​​
Nickelback at the O2 Arena was a powerful  performance; it was a testament to the band's  ability to captivate audiences with their timeless rock anthems and true entertainment . Seing Nickelback live is an experience that shoul d not be missed. 
A special recognition to the "Lottery Winners" who warmed up the stage with their souls and hype. It felt like Freddie was on stage.
Asaf Avidan 
One day Baby we'll be old
Asaf Avidan has been defined as an alien on the stage. We were shocked by his wide range of vocals, from lyrical music to delta blues rhythms performed all by him.
We have attended multiple concerts, but his was definitely outstanding. Nothing else to add, just to witness and enjoy as a seated guest at his next concert. 
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